Salt Water Intrusion Meeting (SWIM)
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Proceedings of the 20th Salt Water Intrusion Meeting, Naples, Florida, USA, 2008

Table of contents

Elena Abarca and T. Prabhakar Clement Experimental Mapping of the Saltwater/Freshwater Mixing Zone
H. F. Abd-Elhamid and A.A. Javadi An Investigation into Control of Saltwater Intrusion Considering the Effects of Climate Change and Sea Level Rise
Peter F. Andersen, Lisa M. Grogin and Ronald L. Bartel Modeling of the Potential for Vertically Downward Saltwater Migration from a Dredge Pond
A. Zaharin Aris, Abdullah M. Harun, Kim K. Woong and Praveena S. Mangala Compositional Change of Groundwater Chemistry in the Shallow Aquifer of Small Tropical Island Due to Seawater Intrusion
Mark Bakker An Assessment Tool for Aquifer Storage and Recovery in Stratified Coastal Aquifers
Kathleen J. Bardsley and Michael C. Sukop Simulating Density-Dependent Flows Using the Lattice Boltzmann Method
M. F. Ben Hamouda1, J. Tarhouni, K. Zouari and C. Leduc Geochemical and Isotopic Study of the Origin of Salinization in an Unconfined Coastal Aquifer of Cap Bon (Tunisia)
Terry Bengtsson Assessing Well Field Impacts on Water Quality in the Upper Floridan Aquifer in Southwest Florida
Linzy K. Brakefield, Elena Abarca, Christian D. Langevin and T. Prabhakar Clement Physical and Numerical Modeling of Buoyant Groundwater Plumes
Jlio F. Carneiro, M. Boughriba, A. Correia, Y. Zarhloule, A. Rimi and B. EL Houadi Climate Change Impact in a Shallow Coastal Mediterranean Aquifer, at Sadia, Morocco
M. Caspi, E. Shalev and H. Gvirtzman Brine Formation and Entrapment in the Eastern Mediterranean Coastal Plain Aquifer
Eduardo Castro, Daniel Fernadez and Jesus Carrera The Interplay between Tidal Fluctuations and Physical Heterogeneity on Seawater Intrusion
Liliana Cecan, Gregory Nelson, Charles McLane and Maura Metheny Pumping Test Analyses in an Aquifer with Fresh Water/Salt Water Interface
M. T. Condesso de Melo, J. Silva, A. Lobo de Pina, A. Mota Gomes, F. Almeida, R. Moura and M. A. Marques da Silva Use of Geochemical Tools to Study Groundwater Salinization in Volcanic Islands: a Case Study in the Porto Santo (Portugal) and Santiago (Cape Verde) Islands
Gregory W. Council1 and Christopher J. Richards A Saltwater Upconing Model to Evaluate Wellfield Feasibility
Wesley R. Danskin and Steven M. Crawford Managing Seawater Intrusion using Multiple-depth Monitoring Wells
Alyssa M. Dausman, Christian Langevin, Michael C. Sukop, and Virginia Walsh Saltwater/Freshwater Interface Movement in Response to Deep-Well Injection in a Coastal Aquifer
Perry G.B. de Louw, Gualbert H.P. Oude Essink, Bart J.M. Goes and Francesco Sergi Characterization of Local Rainwater Lenses in Agricultural Areas with Upward Saline Seepage: Monitoring Results
A. B. Boehm and N. R. de Sieyes Submarine Groundwater Discharge at an Open Ocean Marine Beach in California
Fulvio Zezza and Eloisa Di Sipio Salt Water Intrusion in The Shallow Aquifers of Venice
Guoping Ding, Eungyu Park, Huali Chen, Jinuk Cho and Jinhee Kang Stochastic Study on Impact of Heterogeneity of Coastal Aquifers on Movement of Transition Zone (TZ) between Freshwater and Saltwater Induced by Pumping
John Doherty Incorporating Initial Conditions in the Model Calibration Process
Carlos Duque, Mara Luisa Calvache, Antonio Pulido-Bosch, Antonio Gonzlez Ramon, Juan Carlos Rubio, Jose Antonio Navarro, Manuel Lopez-Chicano and Wenceslao Martin-Rosales Evolution of the Marine Intrusion Using Geophysical Methods after 25 Years in the Motril-Salobrea Aquifer (Southern Spain)
Hans H. Durr, Rens van Beek, Caroline P. Slomp, Hans Middelkoop and Marc Bierkens Global Land-Ocean Linkage: Direct Inputs of Water and Associated Nutrients to Coastal Zones via Submarine Groundwater Discharge (SGD)
S. Eeman, A. Leijnse and S.E.A.T.M. van der Zee Dispersive Behavior of the Mixing Zone between a Shallow Freshwater Lens and Upward Seeping Saline Groundwater
Oscar Frausto, Lars Mattes, Thomas J. Ihl , Adrian Cervantes and Steffen Giese Groundwater Quality Monitoring on Northeast Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
Stephen B. Gingerich Management of the Iao and Waihee Aquifer Areas with the Aid of a 3-D Numerical SUTRA Model, Maui, Hawaii
R. R. Goswami and T. P. Clement Use of Image Analysis to Develop New Benchmarking Datasets for Variable Density Flow Scenarios
Weixing Guo, Wm. Scott Manahan and Thomas M. Missimer Feasibility Study for Raw Water Supply to a Proposed Reverse Osmosis Plant on New Providence Island, Bahamas
Juan J. Hidalgo, Jess Carrera and Agustn Medina Efficient Calibration of Seawater Intrusion Models
Juan J. Hidalgo, Jess Carrera and Agustn Medina The Role of Salt Sources in Density-Dependent Flow
Charles D. Hunt, Jr. Simulation of Coastal Wastewater Injection in Hawaii using SUTRA, and the Value of Compelling Visualizations in Conveying Results to the Non-Specialist Public
William C. Hutchings and David L. Tarbox Simulations of the Dynamics of Surface Water-Groundwater Interactions in a Coastal Environment During a 25-Year/72-Hour Storm
Theodore A. Johnson, Nancy Matsumoto and John R. Jansen Time Domain Electromagnetic Induction and High Resolution Electric Resistivity Soundings to Map Salt Water Intrusion in Coastal Sandy Aquifers, Los Angeles County, California
David Kaplan, Rafael Muoz-Carpena, Yuncong Li, Yongshan Wan, Marion Hedgepeth and Dick Roberts Altered Hydroperiod and Saltwater Intrusion in the Bald Cypress Swamps of the Loxahatchee River
Kue-Young Kim, Yun-Seok Park, Gi-Pyo Kim and Ki-Hwa Park Dynamic Behaviors of Fresh-Saline Water Interactions in Coastal Zone
Jeffrey N. King Analytical Benthic Flux Model Forced by Surface-Water Waves: Application to the South Atlantic Bight, USA
Y. Kiro, Y. Yechieli, V. Lyakhovsky, E. Shalev and A. Starinsky Dynamic Groundwater Equilibrium during a Base Level Drop: The Dead Sea Case
Michel Groen, Arjen Kok, Kees Jan van der Made and Vincent Post The Use of Mapping the Salinity Distribution Using Geophysics on the Island of Terschelling for Groundwater Model Calibration
Georgios Kopsiaftis and Aristotelis Mantoglou Numerical Simulation of a Coastal Aquifer in Rhodes Island
Ivana La Licata, Christian D. Langevin, Alyssa M. Dausman and Luca Alberti Tidal Effects on Transient Dispersion of Simulated Contaminant Concentrations in Coastal Aquifers
A. Larabi, M. Faouzi and A. H. -D. Cheng Assessment of Groundwater Resources in Rmel Coastal Aquifer (Morocco) by SEAWAT
Luc Lebbe, Sarah Jonckheere and Alexander Vandenbohede Modeling of Historical Evolution of Salt Water Distribution in the Phreatic Aquifer in and around the silted up Zwin Estuary Mouth (Flanders, Belgium)
Julia Marangan Proposal of a Methodology for the Optimal Design of Monitoring Networks Coastal Aquifers Management
Pauline N. Mollema, Marco Antonellini, Andrea Minchio and Giovanni Gabbianelli The Influence of Three-dimensional Dune Topography on Salt Water Intrusion in Marina Romea, Italy: A Numerical Modeling Study Using LIDAR Data
Cristina Windsor and Rob Mooney Verifying the Use of Specific Conductance as a Surrogate for Chloride in Seawater Matrices
Dorina Murgulet and Geoffrey R. Tick Assessing the Extent of Saltwater Intrusion in the Aquifer System of Southern Baldwin County, Alabama
Gregory Nelson, Liliana Cecan, Charles McLane and Maura Metheny Evaluating Safe Yield for Supply Wells in an Aquifer with Fresh Water/Salt Water Interface
Md. Abu Noman and Chowdhury Mohammad Farouque Global Warming and Salt Water Intrusion: Bangladesh Perspective
Delwyn S. Oki and Todd K. Presley Causes of Borehole Flow and Effects on Vertical Salinity Profiles in Coastal Aquifers
T. N. Olsthoorn Brackish Groundwater as a New Resource for Drinking Water, Specific Consequences of Density Dependent Flow, and Positive Environmental Consequences
Gualbert H. P. Oude Essink Impacts of Climate Change on the Coastal Groundwater Systems in The Netherlands
Namsik Park, Lei Cui and Chanjong Lee Analytical Method for Preliminary Management of Pumping and Injection in Coastal Areas
Namsik Park, Sungyun Kim, Lei Shi and Sungho Song Field Validation of Simulation-Optimization Model for Protecting Excessive Pumping Wells
Roberta W. Patton Virginia Ground Water Withdrawal Permitting Program Modeling for Resource Management
Alina Meyn, Kenneth M Persson and Bo Leander Vulnerability Assessment of Groundwater Aquifer due to the Construction of the City Tunnel in Malmö, Sweden
Christopher J Peters and Jolynn Reynolds Saltwater Intrusion Monitoring in the Biscayne Aquifer near Florida City, Miami-Dade County, Florida: 1996-2007
Maurizio Polemio, Arben Pambuku and Olga Petrucci The Coastal Karstic Aquifer of Vlora (Albania)
Mara Pool , Jesus Carrera, Emilia Bocanegra and Jose L. Cionchi Dynamics of Negative Hydraulic Barriers to Prevent Seawater Intrusion
Mara Pool, Jesus Carrera, Juan J. Hidalgo, Marco Dentz and Elena Abarca Vertical Integration for Modelling Seawater Intrusion
Vincent Post and Craig Simmons Salinization by Free Convection in Heterogeneous Aquifers: Results from a Numerical Modeling Study
Soren E. Poulsen, Steen Christensen, Keld R. Rasmussen, Jesper S. Mortensen and Andrea Viezzoli An Investigation of Groundwater Flow on a Coastal Barrier Using Multi Electrode Profiling
Rene M. Price, Jean L. Jolicoeur and Jeremy C. Stalker Geochemistry of Phosphorus in a Carbonate Aquifer Affected by Seawater Intrusion
Mehrdad Bastani, G. Reza Rakhshandehroo and Majid Kholghi Study of Saltwater Intrusion into the Coastal Aquifer of Tavabe-e Arsanjan, Iran
Kamel M. Amer, Abdul A. Aziz Al-Muraikhi and Nauman Rashid Management of Coastal Aquifers The Case of a Peninsula State of Qatar
Edward Rectenwald and Michael Bennett Utilizing Stable Isotopes (2H, 18O) to Better Identify Different Water Types of the Floridan Aquifer System in Southwest Florida
Jorge I. Restrepo, David Garces, Angela Montoya and Laura Kuebler Calibration of a Density-Dependent Groundwater Flow Model of the Lower West Coast Floridan Aquifer System
Amos Russak, Orit Sivan, Yoseph Yechieli and Boaz Lazar Time Scale of Water-Rock Interaction Processes in the Fresh-Saline Water Interface of Coastal Aquifers
Kais Charfi and M. J. Safi Modeling Brine Discharge into the Soil
Frans W. Schaars, T.N Olsthoorn and M. Bakker The Delayed Effects of Variable Density Flow on Flow and Heads in Fresh Groundwater
Andreas Junge, Joern Schuenemann and Thomas Guenther Large-scale Geoelectrical Measurements to Investigate a Buried Valley and its Interaction to Deep Saltwater Intrusion
Eyal Shalev, Ariel Lazar, Stuart Wollman, Shushanna Kington, Yoseph Yechieli and Haim Gvirtzman Freshwater-Saltwater Mixing Zone in Coastal Aquifers: Biased vs. Reliable Monitoring
S. K. Sharma Influence of Sea Water Ingress: A Case Study from East Coast Aquifer in India
Mohsen Sherif and Anvar Kacimov Pumping of Brackish and Saline Water in Coastal Aquifers: An Effective Tool for Alleviation of Seawater Intrusion
Yuval Ohana1 and Shaul Sorek Solute Extraction in Variable Density Flow: Shock Wave Driven Transport Compared to Pumping
Pieter J. Stuyfzand Base Exchange Indices as Indicators of Salinization or Freshening of (Coastal) Aquifers
David L. Tarbox and William C. Hutchings Alternative Approaches for Water Extraction in Areas Subject to Saltwater Upconing
Whitney J. Trainor, R. Knight and J. Caers An Assessment of the Impact of Geologic Heterogeneity on Predictions of Seawater Intrusion in Coastal Aquifers
Frank T-C. Tsai and Xiaobao Li Saltwater Intrusion and Hydraulic Conductivity Estimation in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana
Luigi Tulipano, M. D. Fidelibus, G. Sappa and M. T. Coviello Evolution of Seawater Intrusion in Coastal Aquifers of Pontina Plain (Italy)
Alexander Vandenbohede, Luc Lebbe and Emmanuel Van Houtte Artificial Recharge of Fresh Water in the Belgian Coastal Dunes
Luc Lebbe, J. Lermytte, Dieter Vandevelde, A. Vandenbohede, D. Dhont and P. Thomas Salt Water Intrusion Modeling in the Flemish Coastal Plain Based on a Hydrogeological Database
Meththika Vithanage, Tissa Illangesekera, Karsten H Jensen, Jayantha Obeysekera, Peter Engesgaard and Karen Villholth Variable Density Flow and Transport in Tsunami Impacted Coastal Aquifers: Laboratory Investigations in Homogeneous Saturated Porous Media
Clifford I. Voss, Craig T. Simmons, Douglas Weatherill and Neville I. Robinson Benchmarks for Two- And Three-Dimensional Variable-Density Ground-Water Flow Simulators: Analytical Expressions for Unstable Convection
Esteban Sanz and Clifford I. Voss General Guidance Concerning Inverse Modeling Techniques and Value of Field Data Types for Seawater Intrusion Simulation
Virginia M. Walsh and Ren M. Price Tracing Vertical and Horizontal Migration of Injected Fresh Wastewater into a Deep Saline Aquifer using Natural Chemical Tracers
Gordon Kennedy, Michael L. Weatherby, and Ed Rectenwald Significant Water Quality Trends Observed in the Lower Hawthorn Aquifer of Southwestern Florida, Occurrences and Solutions
Egon T. Weber II, Robert Schulz and James R. Garrison Jr. Freshwater Lens Development on Padre Island, Texas
Yishai Weinstein, Barak Herut, Y. Shalem, B. Burnett and P. Swarzenski, Y. Yechieli The Role of Fresh and Saline Submarine Groundwater Discharge in Nutrient Contribution to Coastal Seawater, Dor Bay (Israel)
Adrian D. Werner, E. Nation and M. A. Habermehl Seawater Intrusion in Australia A National Perspective of Future Challenges
Helga Wiederhold, Franz Binot, Klaus Khne, Uwe Meyer and Bernhard Siemon Airborne Geophysical Investigation of the German North Sea Coastal Area
Jobst Wurl, Miguel Imaz Lamadrid, Juan Eduardo Martnez Meza, Cynthia Nayeli Martnez Garca and Genaro Martnez Gutirrez Combined Groundwater Quality and Groundwater Model Approach as Main Tool of an Aquifer Management for Sustainable Water Supply in the Santo Domingo Valley, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Richard M. Yager and Paul E. Misut Simulation of Processes Controlling Migration of Saline Water and Brine above a Flooded Salt Mine in Western New York, USA
Jing-Yea Yang A Case Study of Finite-Element Numerical Modeling on Salt Water Intrusion for the Ping-Tung Plain
Yoseph Yechieli and Orit Sivan Chemical and Isotopic Evidence for Seawater Intrusion – Examples from the Coastal Aquifers of the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea
Michael R. Zygnerski and Christian D. Langevin Quantifying Effects of Natural and Anthropogenic Stresses on Long-Term Saltwater Intrusion in a Coastal Aquifer